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My Mac Weekend

I’ll tell you why I love Macs…

This weekend my MacBook and iMac stood up to a solid series of creative and entertainment-related tasks that further confirmed my belief that Apple makes the best computers and software regardless of whether you’re a consumer or business user. Almost every aspect of my weekend involved Mac OS X somewhere along the line…

Saturday Morning – While my iMac happily ripped a DVD in the study I worked on a Keynote presentation on my MacBook along with breakfast and some freshly downloaded iTunes tracks streamed to my living room sound system via AirTunes.

Saturday Lunch – Keynote presentation complete I exported the document out and into Microsoft Powerpoint (not through choice) and fired up Parallels to check Windows compatibility (horrible, I know!). All was fine, saved and uploaded to my iDisk ready for Monday morning.

Saturday Afternoon – GarageBand came into play with two recordings of acoustic songs ready for my upcoming iWeb site. Exported to iTunes and previewed them through my surround sound system. Not bad. Designed the music page for new iWeb site and dropped in the new MP3s.

Saturday Evening – Friends arrive for drinks, MacBook attached to TV and stereo provides musical backing via Front Row. Discussion of last summer leads to a viewing of an iMovie project I put together a year ago. Streamed from iMac to TV via MacBook.

Off to a birthday party, digital compact in hand. Drinks and an early hours finish.

Sunday Morning (mid-morning) – Struggle out of bed, coffee and paracetamol. Copy last night’s photos into iPhoto. Use Facebook Exporter for iPhoto to tag and upload images. Entertaining comments begin to filter into my inbox.

Sunday Lunch – Another birthday today, taking a friend out for lunch. Meet in town, iPhone provides contact number for seafood restaurant as well as directions.

Decide what I want to eat via online menu en route to restaurant.

Sunday Evening – Tired. Settle on sofa, MacBook in position attached to the TV. Watch ripped DVD through Front Row and sleep like a baby. iPhone set to wake me up for work on Monday with reminder to post new blog entry…