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My Cloud Mirror Review:

The My Cloud Mirror is an external hard drive that updates to the cloud with double the protection

My Cloud Mirror

Compatibility • Mac • iPad • iPhone

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Price: £279.99/$349.99

External hard drives were lauded as the saviour of laptop hard drive failures and thefts. But no external drive is completely exempt from errors either – which is why we always advise that you keep a couple of backups for your devices, just to be on the safe side. But if you don’t want the hassle of backing up to an external drive and uploading to the cloud, the My Cloud Mirror has come along to make your life easier.

Its most basic function is a 4TB hard drive, with two 2TB hard drives inside set up as a RAID. If that’s not enough, then there is an extra USB 3.0 expansion port that you can plug another hard drive into, giving you even more storage potential.

However, its biggest selling point is its ability to upload those files, photos and videos to the cloud and create a network of people that you can share things with. Just as you can on Facebook or Google+, you are able to choose who views certain files, so you can send last night’s photos to your mates without letting your work colleagues see what you’ve been getting up to. Groups are incredibly easy to set up, with one passcode introducing another person.

Accompanying the Mirror is the My Cloud app, which is easy to navigate and makes it easy to share photos and files across your groups. Our test had a video uploaded via Wi-Fi in seconds and viewable to the other device pretty much instantly; as long as you have a decent internet connection, your files are able to be transferred in double-quick time.


Of course, because the My Cloud Mirror is set up as a RAID drive, you can give yourself even more piece of mind by setting it up in RAID 1. This will halve the storage space to 2TB for the drive, but all of your data will be mirrored to the second drive, so that if one fails, the second still has everything backed up safely. By doing this, you’ll lose the speed that you will enjoy with a RAID 0 set-up, but there are obvious benefits; it’s great to have the option.

The Mirror is lightweight and, while it won’t win any style awards, it isn’t much larger than your average wireless router, so won’t look out of place when connected to it. Overall, this is a superb product, giving you the flexibility, safety and storage space that should be more than enough for the majority of users. Its app is free and easy to navigate, and was set up straight from the box in under ten minutes.

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Pros Comprehensive storage options, ability to share files

Cons Expensive – you can store photos and files online already

Orange 5 Stars