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Mute all audio using Silent Hours

Use the Silent Hours app to mute your phone's audio at specified times.

Whether you’re in a meeting, at work or just plain busy, having your phone unexpectedly go off notifying you of a message or call can be annoying. Although you can simply use the volume rocker to control the audio on your device, for those who want more control over their sound will want to check out the ingenious Silent Hours app. This app lets you set up schedules within which the sound on your phone is muted at specified times. To take it a step further, each schedule you set up can be altered so that only certain areas of your phone are muted on specific days. Not only does Silent Hours help give the user more power over their phone’s sound output, it’ll also make sure you aren’t awoken by a pesky message at the early hours of the morning!

  1. Step1

    Set a Quick Mute

    When you first open the Silent Hours app, you’ll be taken to the Quick Mute page. Here you can mute all the sounds from your phone for a set period time. Simply use the slider bar to select your time and then press the Mute button located at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Step2

    Schedule your mute

    Scroll right within the app to enter the Schedule screen. This is where you can create schedules of when and on which areas of your phone all sound will be muted. To start the process of creating a new schedule press on the + symbol at the top of the menu.

  3. Step3

    Select timings

    The first thing you’ll want to while creating a new schedule is to set the appropriate time. Select the numbers from the top of the menu and use the dial that appears to select the time. Make sure to select a time on which you want your phone to be unmuted.

  4. Step4

    Days and actions

    Underneath the time selector you’ll find the actions tab that requires you to select which areas of your phone you want to mute. Tick all the boxes that you want muted. Make sure to select the days which you want your mute to work at the bottom of the menu.

  5. Step5

    Manage schedules

    After finalising your schedule it’ll appear as an appointment in the Schedules menu. Every subsequent entry you make will also appear here. You can edit each entry at any point by simply pressing on them, but make sure to save any changes you make.

  6. Step6

    Delete a schedule

    To delete a schedule simply long press on the schedule in question and confirm you want to delete the item from your list. You can also disable the Service Running box at the bottom of the screen to stop all your schedules from working.