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Moto 360 2015 review

Does Moto's second-edition smartwatch have the wow factor of its original incarnation?

Moto 360 2015

Moto 360 2015

For a long time, the Moto 360 was the one smartwatch that we could really get behind and recommend to readers. In our eyes, it was the first well-built, robust and genuinely stylish piece of Android wrist wear that we had come across, but it still had its issues. While the market for smartwatches has drastically changed since then, we can’t help feeling rather excited to see what Motorola has included in its second-generation 360 device.

Customisation has always been at the heart of the Moto 360 range and that continues here. If you opt for the base model, you’ll find the design is nearly identical to the original. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it still remains chunky at 11.4mm. What is new is the choice of size variants, with the 46mm option being one of the biggest smartwatch screens we’ve seen. It looks big on the wrist, perhaps too big, but the smaller 42mm is there for those who want something daintier. That said, this is a quality design from top to bottom. It isn’t as fancy as its competitors, but it feels good and the stainless-steel chassis offers no flex. We highly recommend you take the time to consider the type of strap you purchase if you buy one of these, as the base Horween-leather strap is a little flimsy. However, Motorola’s expensive bands have always been good so you’ll find something better if you don’t mind splashing the cash.

If you opt for the larger 46mm, you’ll find the 1.56-inch LCD display is the same as the original, with a slightly smaller 1.37-inch display on the 42mm variant. It’s a highly responsive screen and the slight protrusion gives better viewing angles. Motorola has also cleverly adopted the always-on display mode, so there’s no need to shake your wrist when you want to view the time anymore. However, previous Moto 360 users will find this model still has the annoying blacked-out section at the bottom of the display. It’s more of a personal annoyance than anything major, but as we’ve seen competitors launch a fully circular display – namely the Huawei Watch – it seems strange Motorola has failed to do so here.

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