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Mossberg Says: “iPhone will be 3G in 60 Days”

Mossbergwww.beet.tvWall Street Journal columnist and iCreate favourite Walt Mossberg has openly stated that Apple’s iPhone will be 3G in 60 days.In a matter of fact yet casual comment during the executive summit in Washington, Mossberg stated: “Broadband on these cellphone networks is limited and I’m not talking about the fact that iPhone isn’t 3G, it will be 3G in sixty days.”Now we all know Walt and Steve Jobs are good pals, making this quite a worthy claim, especially considering Mossberg is one of the few journalists to receive Apple’s products before they are launched. (Steve, if you’re reading, can you put me on this list too?).Referring to the Apple CEO while discussing streaming media options at the same conference, Mossberg said:”Believe me, I know this guy. If Steve Jobs thinks that a streaming service would be the right way to go and sell him a bunch of iPod and Macs, he’ll turn it on tomorrow. It’s not a religion.”Good friends with the CEO. Exclusive clearance to test new kit. We think this is a particularly meaty rumour that may well turn out to be To further add fuel to the iPhone 3G fire, T-Mobile in Germany has begun offering discounted 8GB iPhones for those who sign up to 2 year contracts. With rumours pointing to poor German iPhone sales this could be a one off but… with new “Black iPhone” whispers circulating, could be we see consumer and pro offerings in the future?If so this could be how things pan out:Pro iPhone (2nd Gen) 3G compatible, 16GB & 32GB – Full price, no discounts. Available in blackIntermediate iPhone (1st Gen) 8GB & 16GB – Standard pricing or discount for 2 year contract. Available in silver.ConsumeriPhone nano (iPhone Air?) – Stripped down, 4GB – fully subsidised with contract. Available in multiple colours.We know how Steve Jobs likes his products to sit in the market (see MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro etc) and we also know how much he values the iPhone, hence no subsidy with contracts. Could this be the compromise?

EDIT: is reporting on aesthetic tweaks to the MacBook line as part of Apple’s ongoing “green” effort. Plastic casing is said to make way for aluminium enclosures which, once again, points to a brand conformity through the notebook line. The MacBook Pro is also due for a visual revision with design elements “borrowed” from the new iMacs. Black, aluminium and glass once again.