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Accessory Review – Moshi Concerti Case for iPhone

Manufacturer: Moshi
Price: $40

There are thousands of iPhone cases out there that are all vying for your hard-earned cash, and as a result companies are getting ever more inventive in finding ways to offer protection to the coolest gadget of all time. So, the design team at Moshi has decided to combine two of the staple ideas for iPhone cases: the flip case and the silicone case. In this instance the silicone case is attached to the inside back of the flip case so that the flipping part of the unit rests on top when it’s closed, and you can then flip it over to use your iPhone. This is quite a clever little trick, and it means that the flip case is a tiny bit thinner and less bulky than most other flip cases out there at the moment. It also feels a lot more comfortable in your hand, and it’s a great deal easier to get your phone in and out of, which is handy.  You still have access to all of your ports with the case on, and of course that all important screen protection when the lid is closed and your iPhone is in a pocket or handbag. You can get the Moshi Concerti Case in three different colours (black, white and red) and they all look pretty cool. If you’re not a fan of flip cases because of the way they bulk out the iPhone and are tough to get the phone in and out of, then this Concerti Case could well change your mind. The case looks very nice and works extremely well. With the flip open and the phone rested on a table, it’s even elevated a bit for ease of use. Nice!

Practicality: 7.9

Design: 7.0

Value for money: 7.9

Features: 6.0

Durability: 8.0

Kung Fu Verdict: 7.9