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More rumours of Apple’s TV: “Ultra HD”, launching early 2014

iWatch may be taking the headlines at the moment, but the iTV rumours are still circulating, with suggestions of 4K displays and control based on movement.

A brilliant iTV concept from last year from Guilherme Schasiepen

There have been plenty of rumours about Apple’s television set in the last 12 months, but with iWatch speculation recenetly coming to the forefront, the iTV has dropped off the radar slightly. Not for long, though; a new report from DigiTimes brings information from ‘supply chain sources’ that suggests that the iTV will support 4K (at a resolution of 3840 x 2160) and include voice and motion controls as well as internet connectivity. It also reports that Apple are readying the product for a launch at the end of 2013 or, more likely, at the start of 2014.

Pricing will obviously be an important issue, especially considering the current stock of 4K TVs start at around $20,000. According to DigiTimes, Apple will rely on the LG to mass produce 4K displays in order to keep costs down, but it’s a fair bet that the iTV will still be among the more expensive televisions on the market.

As ever, this is all rumour at the moment, and we’re unlikely to hear anything more official until the end of this year. The iTV rumours aren’t dead and gone, though, suggesting that it’s more than idle chatter.