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Monument Valley Review

Navigating worlds that look like M.C. Escher paintings in Monument Valley, the hit game now on Android

After gaining a massive following on iOS, Monument Valley has made its long awaited debut on to Android devices. Throughout the game you play as the silent princess, navigating her through beautifully sculpted buildings across a wide selection of levels. Your main aspect of control in the game is to be able to twist and turn each tower you climb. The 3D perspectives work great and you’ll find that to complete each level, you need to turn the tower frequently enough to avoid any mistakes.

Occasionally you’ll find obstacles or enemies blocking your way, but these require only a bit of thinking to navigate past successfully. The further you get into the game, the more elaborate the towers become and the more puzzles you will face as you climb. Despite this, the difficulty never really stretches you and instead of ramping the difficulty up, the developers have helped players to simply enjoy the experience a whole lot more. The atmosphere is enhanced when you incorporate the use of sound in Monument Valley. Although there isn’t a soundtrack, as such, the game relies on environmental sounds and subtle additions here and there to highlight some of the more dramatic moments.

The most striking aspect of the game, however, has to be its graphics. Monument Valley is simply a stunning game that has been animated perfectly. Levels look unique and the minimalist theme works a treat throughout. There’s also a fairly decent story alongside the game, which although won’t win any awards, it does enough to draw the player in and offers a good amount of closure at the end.

It’s hard to really compare Monument Valley to many games on the Google Play store, and that’s because it looks and feels like a completely new sort of game. No matter if you’re a tablet or phone user, Monument Valley should be a game that every user should play.

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