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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Android review

Is Modern Combat 4 the best first person shooter for Android? We put it through its paces to find out

The Modern Combat games have long been established as the premier shooter series available for Android users. Sporting a refreshed new look and a refined multiplayer system, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour delivers more of the fast paced action we’ve come accustomed to.

Zero Hour sees you lead a small group of elite soldiers against a terrorism unit looking to cause havoc across the world.

Armed with a range of weapons and military technology, Zero Hour plays much like its bigger console counterparts, offering users various storylines and an overall engaging experience that you’ll want to play through in its entirety.

Levels are varied, if not short, and you can expect to get a good seven to eight hours of gameplay from the single player story alone.

Where Zero Hour really shines is with its revamped multiplayer mode.

There’s a variety of game types within multiplayer to keep the game fresh, and with the new Google Play Games integration, teaming up with your friends to face people all over the world has been made a much easier process.

From time to time you’ll find the occasional slow down when connecting with a full team online, but that’s a common issue for mobile multiplayer gaming, which still isn’t as fluid as a full-blown games console.

Another problem, but one that has an easy fix, is the touch screen controls. They can feel clunky and buttons are too close together for our liking. But if you’ve a Bluetooth controller to hand, then this issue is irrelevant.

Zero Hour is another successful installment in the Modern Combat series and it duly delivers a compelling gaming experience both offline and online. The Google Play Games integration works like a charm and helps take the multiplayer offering here to the next level.

If you don’t mind parting with some cash, then Modern Combat 4 is definitely a game worth investing in.