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Miniot iWood Cobra

Extraordinary natural quality

Screen shot 2010-02-04 at 16.41.59
It’s not often we fall in love here at iCreate, but it’s definitely happened. That’s right, we’re in love with iWood Cobra. It’s a natural wood iPhone case and it’s perhaps one of the best accessories we’ve ever encountered. Fear not iPod users, Miniot makes cases for you too so we can all enjoy this incredible product. When we first saw these cases from Miniot we thought they’d be incredibly bulky and very clog-like to the touch. They’re anything but. They are impossibly thin and yet incredibly rigid, the finish is very smooth to the touch and the interlocking parts make getting it on and off your iPhone much easier than a lot of plastic cases. This case does have one pretty big drawback though: the sleep and volume buttons are covered by little wooden pieces that are very sticky and hard to use, and the hole for the mute button is very tough to negotiate too. But these are very small niggles for what is a
Screen shot 2010-02-04 at 16.42.09
very cool case, and one that really makes the iPhone look completely different. As a case it is a lot more expensive than we would usually pay, but each one is hand made and they really are tiny works of art. If it weren’t for the sticky buttons it would be a five star case. If you want an iPhone case that will last the life of your device and will turn a few heads when you’re using it then this is definitley worth some serious consideration.

Price: €120