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Minigore 2: Zombies review

Gore, gore and even more gore

Playing as the aptly named John Gore, it’s your task to guide him through a whole horde of different enemies. There’s no complicated storyline, or even a thorough control system, instead the game relies solely on gameplay.

Each level puts you in a different location, where the enemies are all zombified. Using the dual touchscreen controls to shoot and slice your enemies, the action is fairly relentless. It takes a bit of coordination to get your thumbs working in tandem in the first instance, but it’s a fairly easy game to master.

The further you get into the game, the more enemies you’ll come across, as well as playable characters to tryout. Although enemies are varied and certainly look the part, there’s not a whole lot of difference between each playable character. This isn’t a massive issue when you consider up to 150 enemies can appear on your screen at any single time.

The gore part of the game certainly comes into its own here, with splatterings of blood appearing all over the place. Most impressive though is the lack of slowdown, even with all these enemies appearing at one time.

In total, there are 300 different challenges for users to complete, some taking a lot longer to complete than others. Across the way you’ll also have the occasional boss battle that require a certain amount of strategy. The balance of non-stop action and strategy is something that Minigore 2 has got perfect and something that other games should really take note of.

Gory games can be a tough ask to judge correctly, but when mixed in with a good amount of slapstick comedy and solid gameplay, it tends to be something worth checking out. There’s a lot to love about Minigore 2: Zombies and although it might not receive the coverage some of the bigger name titles get, it’s one that every Android user should check out right away.