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Mini Motor Racing Android game review

Mini in size, big in fun

Top down racers area definitively mixed bag when it comes to gaming on your Android device. There’s little to separate Mini Motor Racing from similar racers, but it does tweak the problems that many similar games suffer from.

From the start you can choose from a series of different modes, with the main pull coming in the form of two distinctly different single player and multiplayer campaigns. Within the former you’ll find yourself against five other racers as you go for first place, while trying to record the best lap time on each track. The career mode requires you to build you to go from rags to ruins, whilst turning your beaten up banger in to a racing behemoth.

In parts it works well, but there just aren’t enough customisable options to keep it fresh and opportunities to get the cash needed to get extra parts is scarce. On the other side of things is the multiplayer mode. Racing over WiFi can sometimes be slow and laborious, but works well within Mini Motor Racing. You can race against up to 5 other players at any one time, and there’s always a game to be found.

Top down views are often badly designed in these types of games, but it’s something Mini Motor Racing has tried to address. You control your car with the wheel icon located in the bottom left corner, it takes a lot of getting used to, emphasis on a lot, but it does work well. There’s also a nitro bar which can be pressed to give you some extra speed if needed. Car and track selection also gets a big thumbs up, with plenty of cars on offer, even if the customisable aspects of them are scarce. There are plenty of tracks to race on, but a few of the latter ones are very similar.