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Merge email accounts into one inbox with Boxer

Collate Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo accounts with Boxer

If you have one email address for your personal life and another for school or work, you’ll know it be difficult juggling them both and often messages get lost between the two. However, with the Boxer app, the process of bringing all your accounts into one place is made possible. The app provides a platform where users are able to manage individual accounts all from within the same app, or instead merge them together into a collective inbox. This inbox can then be customised to suit how you like to interact with your emails, be it through gestures or push notifications. There’s no limit to how many accounts you can merge into one Boxer account, so make sure you follow this tutorial to get started.

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  1. step1

    Add your accounts

    After launching the Boxer app, you’ll be prompted to add an existing email account. Once the syncing process has finished, you can then add any number of subsequent accounts by upgrading to the Boxer Premium app. Press on the Confirm button once you’ve added all accounts.

  2. step2

    Move between accounts

    Open the side menu of the Boxer app and you should instantly see the various accounts listed. By default, your inbox will be a feed of all your different accounts, but by pressing on one of the listings, only the emails associated with that account will now be shown.

  3. step3

    Use gesture controls

    Boxer includes a couple of gestures that can used to quickly move emails to different parts of your account. By swiping left you can archive the email and by swiping right you can move it to your recycle bin. Both of these folders are available through the app’s side menu.

  4. step4

    Archive and other options

    By long pressing on any email in Boxer, you’ll open up a new menu with several actions. Users can choose to move the email to a different folder or email account, which is really handy for keeping specific emails together. It’s also possible to send email to the cloud through this menu.