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Accessory Review – Maya Pouch

Manufacturer: Proporta
Price: £16

If you own more than one iPod or iPhone it can be a bit expensive buying separate protective cases for each one. If you have a mind to be thrifty, as most of us have given the global economy, then you could try and get a case that will fit and protect more than one item. The Maya case from Proporta hopes to convince you that it can do the said job and will easily accommodate either an iPhone, iPod touch or iPod Classic. It will, of course, fit the new nano – but it may just get lost inside. The Maya case is effectively a simple faux leather pouch with some coloured stripes on the outer corner. Inside is a soft material designed to cushion and protect the device you put inside. The only other feature that this case has is that it has a clip for attaching a lanyard if you’re keen to have the case suspended about your person. We like the simplicity of this case; it doesn’t claim to do anything more than hold your device. In a dropping scenario we doubt it would offer great impact protection, but it would certainly prevent any scratches. At £16 it’s not one of the cheapest cases on the market, but if it’s going to get an outing with more than one device then you should get your money’s worth. It’s also well made enough for you to get a great deal of use out of it. As with the majority of Proporta wares, this is very stylish – so the fashion conscious can be sure they look cool while their iPod/iPhone is protected. Well worthy of a buy if you need more than one item protected.

Practicality: 6.7

Design: 6.5

Value for money: 7.0

Features: 5.0

Durability: 6.0

Kung Fu Verdict: 6.0