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MaxMon Quatropus-SA review

We review the MaxMon Quatropus SA, and device that harnesses the power of an Android phone to monitor and protect a remote property

The MaxMon Quatropus-SA is a collection of products designed to help you monitor and control a remote property, such as a caravan, boat or even a classic car in a garage.

It can alert you to any suspicious or unexpected activity, that you can then respond to accordingly.

The bundle is based around a four-port Quatropus, a hub to which you attach assorted transducers that are able to monitor motion, humidity and so on, as well as a remote control power socket so you can turn the lights on and off from a remote location.

This in turn is connected to an Android phone running the MaxMon app, which provides the brains to the system. The phone is not included in the package, so you’ll need to supply your own.

Because it needs to stay physically connected to the Quatropus at all times in order to be able to work you won’t be able to use your personal Android phone or tablet. Instead MaxMon recommends using a cheap device with a PAYG SIM or connected to Wi-Fi.

Pretty much any device is compatible, so you shouldn’t need to pay more than about £50 for a handset, plus the occasional topup. You can also get one pre-configured through the MaxMon website.

maxmon screen
The Maxmon app detects motion

The MaxMon app produces regular  reports and can alert you to certain events, such as unexpected movement or, as may have been the case recently, an increase in moisture in the environment.

Both product and app are utilitarian in design. The Quatropus and its assorted transducers are all wired, and those wires are long enough for them to be positioned strategically around your property.

Once it is set up it sinks into the background, but the whole setup process would benefit from streamlining to make it more user friendly.

The same goes can be said of the app, which has an outdated Gingerbread-style UI and lacks intuitiveness.

Still, though it takes a little effort to get there once everything is in place the system does work as expected. We set it up in our office and was able to track movement in the surrounding area.

While we weren’t able to test for an increase in humidity, we would expect an equally reliable level of performance.

So, some refinement would not go amiss, but even in its present form MaxMon looks a good solution for providing peace of mind protection to your valuable investment.

Orig- rating