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Mavericks compatibility – Is your Mac ready for OS X Mavericks?

Find out if your Mac can handle OS X 10.9 Mavericks and discover how you can prepare for the new operating system

In iCreate 123 we compiled information on which Mac variants will be automatically compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks, based upon the current info available through the Mavericks developer beta. As it turns out, a large proportion of Macs should be compatible with Mavericks when it launches later this autumn.

Here’s some of the info you can find in iCreate issue 123, along with some reference tables with what you can expect:


Providing your iMac is a mid-2007 model or later (all the way up to the present day, super-slim models) you should be fine to install and use Mavericks on your desktop machine.


MacBook Pro

13-inch MacBook Pros from mid-2009 or later are currently supported by Mavericks, as are 15-inch models from mid/late-2007 or later and the 17-inch model from late-2007 or later.


MacBook Air

The late-2008 model MacBook Air, and anything more recent than that will happily run OS X Mavericks, according to the developer preview so far, so long as there’s enough disk space for the install.


Mac mini

Mac mini models launched in early-2009 or later will run OS X Mavericks once the upgrade hits the Mac App Store later in the autumn.



If you’re lucky enough to own an original MacBook, you’ll be pleased to know that the late-2008 aluminium model, as well as those from early-2009 or later, will run Mavericks. Similarly, Xserves from early-2009 or later will also run OS X 10.9.

And finally…

The minimum requirements for Mavericks at present are 2GB memory, 8GB of available hard drive space and at least OS X Snow Leopard running to install Mavericks.

Check out iCreate 123 for our Get Ready For Mavericks feature for even more info on how you can upgrade older hardware to run OS X 10.9, and what you should start doing with your Mac to make the move as painless as possible. You can also learn how to Get iOS 7 Now in iCreate 123 on sale at all good newsagents, supermarkets, direct from our eShop and digitally from