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Master the Pocket app for Android

Formely known as Read it Later, Pocket is the ultimate app to catch up on the latest headlines. Here's how to master it.

Have you ever found an interesting article that you wanted to be able to save to your phone, and take a look at some other time? Then, Read It Later might just be for you. Read It Later lets you save any article, video or web page directly to your phone, and creates a mini library of various web pages and articles that you’ve discovered.

As well as saving them on to your Android device, the app can sync your queue of saved items to your desktop browser; especially useful for commuting and traveling. You may struggle to read certain articles or web pages that you’ve saved; luckily, Read It Later comes with plenty of customisable options for you. You edit the font, adjust the alignment of text – or edit the text altogether.

If you’re interested in being able to save articles and web pages for future reference, then follow this tutorial.

  1. Sign up to Pocket

    After downloading the Pocket app, opening it for the first time will require to sign up for the service. Simply create a username, password and enter your email address to continue to the home screen of the Pocket app.

  2. Navigating the home screen

    On the homescreen you’ll be able to access your current list, by pressing the tab provided. Once you’ve read a few articles, you’ll be able to take a look at your Read Archive to see what has been read previously. Open the Add menu to start searching for articles.

  3. Navigating the home screen

    Once you’ve found an article you want to save, simply press the option menu on your device before clicking the More tab. From there, open the Share Via sub-menu and choose the Add to Pocket option.

  4. Look through your Reading List

    After you’ve compiled a few articles, navigate back to the homescreen of the app and access your Reading List. You’ll see each article you’ve saved as well as the details on where they’re from. Press on any article to open it.

  5. Reading an article

    As soon as you’ve opened an article, you’ll notice a very different layout to the original article. Pocket alters the layout of the article to make it easier to scroll up and down the page without needing to zoom.

  6. Reading an article

    After you’ve finished reading the article, press the tick symbol at the bottom of the page to confirm you’ve read it. The app will then remove the article from your reading list and add it to the reading archive.