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Mark and view favourite clips in iMovie – iLife Tutorial

Learn how to mark favourite clips in iMovie and view your favourites in a group for easier video editing in two simple steps.

iMovie Favourite Clips Tutorial - Sidebar
iMovie Favourite Clips Tutorial
iMovie is not only a cool way to create home movies, it’s also a great place to store all of the clips that you accumulate over years of birthday parties, nights out and other cool events.
Of course, there will be quite a few clips that you want to keep for the memories they hold, but that will never make it into one of your movie projects. By the same token, there are clips that you’ll want to earmark for future use because they show not only how skilled you are with a camcorder but also how you’ve captured a mood, feeling or event in perfect clarity.

The system in iMovie is very intuitive, with a simple button to select favourites and then a drop-down menu to toggle between seeing favourite videos and all the others. If you get into the rhythm of picking favourites on import, you’ll find it easier to wade through clips when you come to making a production.

iMovie Favourite Clips Tutorial - Step By Step

iMovie Favourite Clips Tutorial - Step 1

Step 1: Select and click
Select the clip or portion of one you wish to mark as a favourite and then click the Favorite button here. You can also unmark a clip at any time. Selected clips will have a green line marking them.

iMovie Favourite Clips Tutorial - Step 2

Step 2: Access any time
Use this menu at the bottom of the interface to see your favourite videos, or any of the rest of your library of clips. Use the directory on the left to access all the different clips and repeat the process.