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Manage Privacy settings on iPhone and iPad

Take control of the apps and services on your iOS device by delving into the Privacy options

Privacy on the iPhone and iPad are a big deal at the moment, and with good reason. In your pocket or bag you’re carrying a device that has a lot of great apps, but those apps often want your location, or apps that keep track of your passwords or card details, and even apps that contain your photos. Of course, you want to stay in control of what information is shared and with whom it is being shared. That’s where iOS’s Privacy settings come in. In Settings you’ll find all kinds of controls for adjusting what your phone does and does not track, and see which apps have been looking at your location recently. Whether you’re a little paranoid and want to stop any apps from accessing your data, or you just want to keep track of the apps that are, this is the perfect place to do it.

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Step 1_1

1 Everything trackable

When you first open an app, it may ask for permission to access a certain file. In the Privacy section of Settings you can see all the possible things apps may have accessed.

Step 2_1

2 Excluding

Tap on any one of the titles in the list to see the apps that have requested access. You can switch off specific apps or disable them all, depending on your wishes.

Step 3_1

3 Twitter and Facebook

Scroll down in the main list and you’ll also
see Twitter and Facebook options. If you have logged into the networks on your iPhone, any apps accessing this will be listed.

Step 4_1

4 Ad Tracking

Tap the Ad Tracking option at the bottom of the Privacy menu to turn it off. You’ll still see the same number of ads, but they won’t be targeted using your data.

Step 5_1

5 Location Services

Tap Location Services to choose whether or not to allow your phone to send location data to apps. Switch all location data off with the switch at the top.

Step 6_1

6 Keep an eye out

If you leave it on, but want to see when apps are using your location, use the switch at the bottom to show an icon in the menubar when you’re location is being sent.
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