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Maluuba review

Does Android have its very own Siri? Find out in our full review.

Maluuba is a humongous app, and with so many features packed in to it, it’s really hard to find where to start. The app acts as a personal assistant, helping you stay organised and find the information when and wherever you want it. After loading the app up, you’re greeted with a simple search function that will let you find any piece of information by either text input, or via a voice search. Conducting a voice search worked well, and the app does a good job at understanding accents. After a few seconds, the app will then take you to the answer to your quesiton. Although it’s a rather simple system, it does the job well, and you can’t ask much more than that.

The variety of information that Maluuba covers is pretty staggering. You’ll find all the basic categories here; including a weather forecast and information on nearby restaurants, but also a music search function and dedicated knowledge section that links with Wikipedia. We can’t fault Maluuba for the quality of the information that it presents in all of its areas. We also really liked the tie-ins with other apps that Maluuba has managed to achieve; once again differentiating it from the crowd. Searching for gigs in your area will bring up recommendations from EventCity, each restaurant has its own set of reviews from Yelp, and getting directions to any of these places is done by Google Maps. It’s a thorough and sophisticated way of dealing with lots of information.

The other area that Maluuba covers is its ‘my day’ feature. This imports your upcoming tasks, plans and memos in to one single section, allowing you to keep track of any upcoming appointments. You can alter the notifications you receive about these appointments, as well as create and delete them. It isn’t as thorough as dedicated planning apps, but works well with the other areas of Maluuba.

Maluuba’s design is very different from the majority of Android apps on the Play Store. It’s cutting edge, modern, but most important, easy to use. Menus are easy to find and most are indicated with small icons to differentiate them. Each section of the app is labelled at the top, and by a simple swipe of the finger you can scroll through them with ease. One of the most surprising things, is that even though many external apps have a presence within Maluuba (e.g Yelp and EventCity), you won’t find any sort of lag here, and once again it adds another positive point to using Maluuba.

Maluuba brings together all the best features of personal assistant apps, and looks to expand, tweak and modernise them and make itself the premier competitor against Apple’s Siri. After playing around with Maluuba for a while now, it’s safe to say that not only does it rival Siri, it’s one of the best apps we’ve seen hit the Play Store in a long time.