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Make A Perfect Coffee In Less Than 90 Seconds

When time is short and caffeine levels are running low, you’ll need to know this

We’re big advocates of the Aeropress coffee machine here at Gadget – yes, it’s relatively lo-fi, but compared to a lot of the more hi-tech coffee machines out there, it’s a huge time-saver and it’s comes at a very low price point. It’s also easier on the coffee grinds you use to make your brew than a French Press or slow drip machine.

An espresso made with Aeropress will take no more than 90 seconds to make. Because the temperature to which you need to boil the water is lower than conventional methods, an Aeropress coffee produces less of an acid level in the final brew (less than one fifth of a regular drip brew!).

As a bonus, it’s practically self-cleaning, too – the plunger cleans the chamber as it dispenses coffee – so we tend to use it for our running-out-the-house morning coffee and just let it sit on the side, ready for when we get back.


Anyway, we’ve wasted enough time already – so here’s how to make a coffee in under 90 seconds:

Step 1: Prepare The Filter

IMG_5857 copy
Wet the reusable paper filter and apply it to the inside of the plastic alloy strainer – this where the coffee brew will be pushed through into the cup


Step 2: Dispense The CoffeeIMG_5862 copy

Use the provided scoop to fill the Aeropress chamber with ground coffee – one scoop is the equivalent of two 30ml servings (or two espressos)


Step 3: Decant The Water

IMG_5871 copy

Don’t let your kettle boil fully, but rather about 4/5ths of the full cycle. Slowly, pour the water in and submerge the grind. Because the beans are covered in water, it releases more of the full flavour of the coffee – for a more full-bodied taste.


Step 4: Stir, Rest & Push

IMG_5890 copy

Agitate the solution to release more of the flavour, then let the coffee settle. This allows the taste mature in the chamber for that strong espresso flavour. After about 60 seconds, push the lever down and filter the mixture through the Aeropress, creating a level espresso in the cup.