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Make a holiday slideshow in Keynote

Turn your special memories into an interactive slideshow in Keynote for iPad

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How many times have you gone on holiday, taken hundreds of photos, and then done absolutely nothing with them? Because the iPhone has such a brilliant camera that’s always to hand in your pocket, all too often nowadays people will snap dozens of photos on a trip, and then those brilliant shots will just sit in an iPhone, Mac or camera, unseen except when you’re scrolling through your packed iPhoto library. So it’s time to do something about it.
Keynote might not seem the first port of call for a photo slideshow, but the tools it offers actually make it more than suited to creating a fantastic finished slideshow than you’d think. So let’s make the most of your holiday shots in nine simple steps.

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Step 1

1 Pick a theme

Every theme in Keynote contains options for full-screen photos and grids of snaps, so you can just choose one that suits a selection of holiday snaps, like Cream Paper.

Step 2

2 Add a photo slide

The default slide will be for text, so tap the + icon in the bottom-left of the screen to see the other slide options. Tap the full-screen photo slide to add it to your slideshow.

Step 3

3 Delete unwanted slides

There are better ways to open your slideshow than a blank slide with text, so tap twice on the first slide to bring up the context menu and tap Delete to remove it.

Step 4

4 Add more slides

CBefore you start adding photos, you can start adding multiple slides to speed things up later. Try to include a grid of pictures every now and then for variety.

Step 5

5 Give it a title

On your first slide, tap the + icon at the top of the screen and choose the Text option in the Shapes tab. Type in the title you want to give to your slideshow.

Step 6

6 Edit mask

If you’ve chosen an opening slide with a smaller photo, double-tap it to open the masking controls. Drag the frame out so it takes up almost the entire slide.

Step 7

7 Edit text

Now you can edit the text. Double-tap to select it, then choose the Format button and change the font, size and colour so that it stands out against the photo it’s on.

Step 8

8 Replace images

Now you can go through your slideshow and replace all the images. Tap the + icon in the bottom-right of each photo and pick your desired shot from the library.

Step 9

9 Captions and quotes

Don’t feel you have to stick to the template completely; adding text boxes to your photos with quotes or captions can add a bit of character or humour to your slides.