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Magisto review

Professional video editing at your fingertips.

Magisto is a simple solution for people who want to create high quality videos, but don’t have the knowledge or skills to give their clips a full editing makeover. The app takes complete control of most editing, and all you need to do is add the basics.

From the main menu you’ll find you can shoot a brand new video through the app, or select one from your gallery. Selecting a pre-existing video will take you to the uploading screen, whereas selecting to shoot a new video will take you to the Magisto video screen.

Shooting a video is rather simple, and for those who want a really simple experience, all you need to do is press the large red record button to start and stop. There aren’t a wide selection of other options you can access from this screen, but you can select the orientation of the video, and adjust the lighting. After recording, each clip is displayed on the left side of the app, from which you can choose to save or delete from the app. With a few clips stored, you might notice a bit of slowdown in the app, so make sure to delete clips when you don’t need them.

Magisto really comes in to its element when you start the editing process. You’ll first need to choose a sound track from your clip, there’s a wide range of available sounds you can choose from. The only other bit of tinkering you need to do is add a title, and add any other clips you want to merge together. As your movie is being put together you’ll be able to choose if you want your movie to be added to any of your social media accounts, or if you want to send it to any of your phone contacts via email.

The app will then begin to put your movie together, and incorporating any changes you make. It’s a clever feature that saves you a lot of hassle. Depeding on the size and amount of clips you chose, the app will take anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes to complete your movie. Once it’s done you’ll be shown a preview of the movie, which you can then save on to your device. Results are surprisingly good, and the app is really sophisticated when it comes to merging clips together. Not only does it prevent any jump cuts from happening in your video, it also changes the colour levels of aspects of your video if it doesn’t quite work.

For people who like to be in full control of their video editing, then they should stay clear from Magisto. For everyone who wants to be able to create quality videos, without the need for technical and editing knowledge, then you won’t find anything as useful as Magisto.