Mageia 3 out, no more delays

Mageia 3 has finally been released after a two week delay, fixing the installation bugs of the release candidate, and bringing with it updates and refinements over Mageia 2

It’s been another year since the last Mageia release, and it’s successor is finally here. Improving on the already stellar Mageia 2, Mageia 3 contains all the standard package and kernel updates, along with the inclusion of Steam for Linux and other applications.

mandriva mandrake
The new Mageia is a more refined version of Mageia 2

The distro was originally delayed due to various problems with installation, from hardware detection issues to booting problems depending on how and where you were installing it. The issues have apparently been fixed, with a list of bug fixes supplied on the release notes for Mageia 3.

You can download the final release of Mageia 3 from the website, and you can also read our review of the release candidate in an upcoming issue of Linux User & Developer magazine.