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Macworld build up….finale

Where to start? The rumour mill was absent for much of this month and just when we thought that there was going to be no speculation whatsoever, there was a late spurt of activity and some very interesting ideas being put forward.

We’ll start with a word about the keynote itself. People seem divided into two camps. There are those who think that as Apple wont be appearing again and Steve Jobs is absent, this keynote will be low key and just see the expected updates. On the other side are the wild optimists (I include myself in this group) who believe that as its Apple’s last event, they’ll see it out with a bang, possibly unveiling an amazing new product.

So, rumour wise, there are also two camps. There are those who are hedging their bets and those who are hoping for something new.

Hedged bets

New iMac – New colour (black) Quad core and better graphics

New Mac Mini – Same colour as iMac, smaller, faster.

Updated 17inch MacBook pro – Unibody design, fixed battery.

Update to iWork – possibly moving it to the cloud.

Snow Leopard Preview  – a peak at the new operating system, maybe some benchmarks too.

– All of these are expected and I’m sure all of these will happen and though they’ll be exciting, they wont be as exciting as the things in the next list…

Optimist list

Mac mini/media server/time capsule – new product replacing Apple TV

New lightweight/low-end MacBook (like a netbook but not quite) customers are screaming for a netbook so Apple may provide some kind of offering to appease the masses

iPhone nano (or NANO, to annoy Ben) – could also mean a second app store and bags more cash for developers

iPhone Pro/Mac Tablet – I won’t say I’m not desperate for this one because that would be a fat lie. Fingers crossed.

– this list is for the dreamers out there as it seems unlikely that we’ll get a big launch this year with so many likely updates to other lines.

So that’s a basic round-up of whats being said, the great thing about the keynote is that we wont know for sure until Tuesday morning in San Fran, or Tuesday evening in the UK.

I will be at the keynote and furiously tapping away to bring you the news as it happens, you can check here on the blog and you can also get full travel updates as I cross the Atlantic and all of America on Twitter. Just type iCreateMagazine and you can follow all our movements at the show!

I’ll drop a post in here when I touch down, to comment on the vibe in San Fran and to add to the speculation.

Very excited.