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MacBooster 2 review

OS X security and performance issues of concern? This is gatekeeper and housekeeper in one

Whenever attention turns to system utility, maintenance or antivirus software for OS X, there are question marks over necessity. MacBooster 2 makes its case with a standalone product unavailable via Mac App Store, but boasting a suite of tools resembling apps such as iBoostup and Memory Clean. Starting with a System Status scan, its Security Risk, Junk Files and Performance Monitor dials twitch into life to gauge your Mac’s condition. It’s all very dramatic, but you quickly wonder whether the opening ‘Poor’ prognosis is overstating things.

Our healthy test machine required ‘critical’ action, particularly regarding security. When you then navigate to the appropriate tools, with Security Center first up, you realise the threats are a little pedantic. Actions are certainly valid, however, and they are superbly illustrated with Yosemite-flavoured screenshots explaining how to fix. You can then ignore the suggestion completely for future scans, which is thoughtful. Jump over to System Cleanup, however, and things get more exciting with MacBooster 2 identifying a weighty stack of junk files.

We managed to trash 4GB of residual app assets, old system logs but mostly optional OS X stuff like language packs. That’s an impressive storage saving, although it’s doubtful you’ll get as much benefit after this initial decluttering. Similar might be said of Startup Optimization, but the full list of services blighting your boot time is eye-opening. Each can be disabled easily and safely. A collection of mini tools then offers RAM cleaning, app uninstaller and methods for clearing out duplicate files, large files, sensitive data and photos too. This bundling of solutions is convenient, coupling performance tools with malware and virus scanning.

An updateable virus database ensures you’re aware of latest threats and MacBooster 2 will happily sit in the background casting a watchful eye. You can halt startup on login and just fire up when needed, but some features like memory management won’t be as effective. Overall, there’s much here and some users will find more benefit than others. Presentation, reliability and trust are all sound, but whether MacBooster 2 proves its worth in an already robust OS X is moot.