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MacBook Touch – Could this be Apple’s next killer device?

Could this MacBook Touch concept be the new face of Apple's laptop line? With MacBook Pros due a refresh and the rumour mill hotting up, we take a look.

With the MacBook Pro line now long overdue a true refresh and the rumour mill hotting up since the Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors were slated for an April/June release, it’s that time again where wild and wonderful concept videos begin to pop up. For the most part, concept videos fall into two rough categories; absolutely stunning and entirely ridiculous, but every now and then there’s that doesn’t fit the mould and we’ve got to admit, we need a little help on this one.

[youtube width=”610″ height=”340″][/youtube]

The MacBook Touch might not necessarily be an entirely new concept but, if nothing else, this video is the nicest and most realistic render we’ve seen in a long time. The idea of a touchscreen iMac might have been stopped in its tracks a long time ago and a MacBook Touch might seem unlikely given that we’ve already got a great touchscreen device in the form of the iPad but that’s not say it’s not totally possible.

The only real stumbling block with this concept, in our opinion, is the design. We think it’s a little too simplistic and that the screen would far more likely flip over and cover the keyboard rather than have it face-down on a surface getting scratched up.

What do you think? Could this be Apple’s next big thing? Is this concept way off the mark? Let us know in the comments below, Tweet us @iCreateMagazine or write on our Facebook page’s wall.