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Mac OS X Tutorial: Use practical folder shortcuts in the Finder

The addition of a folder shortcut to the Finder toolbar can provide very convenient and fast access to any preferred folder; and this is possible from any Finder window

When you have to repeatedly access the same folder, the need to create an item somewhere handy and simple to open is an obvious one.
Nonetheless, when it comes to choosing where to create that shortcut item, there are several choices that might not be of equal value to you. Potential locations are the dock, your desktop and the Finder window.

Perhaps your dock is already full of items or you have strict rules as to which items go in it. Arguably, the same may apply to your desktop, ie you do not want anything to be located there.

Therefore you might be looking for other locations in which to add the shortcut to this folder you need to access so rapidly.

The alternative to locating the shortcut on the desktop or dock, is the Finder. This tutorial will look at where and how to add a folder shortcut to the Finder window. More precisely, we will consider a seldom-talked-about location for such a shortcut; the Finder toolbar, and explore the options it offers.

Step 1: Create the toolbar item
To create the folder shortcut, open a Finder window and navigate to the relevant folder. Click on the folder and drag it to the Finder toolbar. Wait until the ‘plus’ sign appears and then release your selection.

Step 2: Customise your item
To change the look of your shortcut, Ctrl-click it, then choose one of the following from the drop-down menu: Icon and Text, Icon Only or Text Only. Select the Use Small Size menu item to use a smaller icon.

Step 3: Adjust the item location
The item position can be changed in two ways; either open the Customize Toolbar item of the Finder View menu and drag the shortcut or press the Command key and drag the item to the preferred location.

Step 4: Remove the item
To delete the item from the toolbar, open a Finder window and Ctrl- click on the folder shortcut; choose Remove Item from the drop-down menu. The shortcut will be removed, leaving the folder untouched.

Click on the image below to view the annotations in more detail.

Finder Shortcuts Tutorial Annotations
Finder Shortcuts Tutorial Annotations