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Mac OS X Tutorial: Add Extensions to Safari

Extend the capabilities and features of Safari and customise your web browser

One of the reasons people have chosen other web browsers like Firefox in the past is because of the large number of clever plug-ins and extensions that are available for it. Now there’s no need for third-party browsers because with the introduction of Safari 5 there is a very easy way to find and install extensions for Apple’s browser. Safari extensions are a way of extending the capabilities of the web browser and adding new and cool features that were previously not available. Now you can block irritating adverts on the web, translate foreign pages with a single mouse click, tweet and access Facebook from any web page, and much more. Extensions are fantastic, fun, and really useful. They are also very easy to find and install. Like Widgets before them, as popularity grows and functionality increases the range of extensions will grow. For the moment, there are more than enough options to keep you very busy…

1: Enable extensions
First of all make sure that extensions are enabled in Safari. Go to the Safari menu and click Preferences followed by the Extensions tab. Turn on the feature.

2: Go to the gallery
There are several ways to open the Safari Extensions Gallery and with Preferences open just click Get Extensions. You’ll also find it on the Safari menu, too.

3: Browse the extensions
All the extensions are on one page, so scroll down and read the info. As the number grows the gallery may be redesigned to encompass several pages.

4: Install an extension

When you’ve found an extension you like, just click the Install Now button. We are going to add the official Twitter for Safari extension to our browser.

5: Use Twitter for Safari
Extensions can add anything to Safari and each is different. With Twitter there’s a toolbar at the top of the page. Click the Tweet button to post a message.

6: Bing search and translate
With Bing you select some text on a page and a magnifying glass appears next to it. Mouse over it and you’ll see translations and more.

7: Update your extensions
Extensions are sometimes updated. Go to Safari> Preferences>Extensions and click Updates. Click the ones you want or Install All Updates.

8: Disable an extension
You may not want every extension running all the time. In Preferences choose the ones you need. Select extensions and tick or clear the Enable box.

9: Remove an extension
After trying an extension you may find it’s not for you. Go to Safari>Preferences>Extensions, select the extension and click the uninstall button.