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Mac Mail Tips

Mail is for more than just sending and receiving email messages...

Information Panel
Main ScreenMail comes as standard on every Mac and, as a result, it can often be overlooked in favour of what appear to be more popular online choices. However, Mail not only makes the task of setting up the most popular email services – such as Yahoo, Gmail and the rest – simple, it also offers many productivity-boosting features. In fact, with such capabilities as Smart Mailboxes for message sorting, Quick Look for viewing attachments and many more, Mail is an application that deserves a much closer look.

In this brief tutorial we’ll take you through all of the main features that this application has to offer. You’ll be surprised at just how versatile and useful it can be as a one-stop shop, not only for sending and receiving emails, but for things like RSS feeds, to-do items, creating iCal events and much, much more. It can help you run your Mac-using life with style, so give it a try today.

1: Create a Smart Mailbox
Select New Smart Mailbox from Mail’s Mailbox menu and, using the drop-down list, text fields and Include Trash or Sent items, set the search criteria.

2: Work with to-do items – part one
To create to-do items, highlight text from any note or message sent or received. Right-click on it and, from the contextual menu, choose New To-Do.

3: Work with to-do items – part two
Click the red arrow at the top of the to-do banner and set the relevant Date Due, Alarm, Priority and Calendar. Your to-do item is now complete.

4: iCal Integration
To create an iCal item from a date contained in a message, hover above it and, from the drop-down list, choose Create New iCal Event.

5: View attachments with Quick Look
Click on the Quick Look button in the header of any message containing attachments. All supported attachments open in a large preview window.

6: Create a stationery style
Save the font, background colour and attachments contained in a message as custom stationery by choosing Save as Stationery from Mail’s File menu.

7: Use stationery styles
To apply a stationery style to a message, click the Show Stationery button in the toolbar and choose from the categories or your custom stationery.

8: Subscribe to RSS feeds
To follow your favourite RSS feeds, select Add RSS Feeds from the File menu. You can choose from your Safari RSS feed bookmarks or enter the feed’s URL.

9: Back up your mailboxes
From the Mailbox menu, choose Archive Mailbox. Select a location to save a copy of the selected Mailbox. Select Inbox to backup all your mailboxes.

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Annotated Mail Image