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Mac Loft Live – WWDC Predictions

It wouldn't be a proper Apple announcement without some speculation about what may or may not get announced...

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It wouldn’t be a proper Apple announcement without some speculation about what may or may not get announced. Obviously all the other blogs are doing the same thing, so there are quite a few ideas floating about – some of them credible, some of them a tad far-fetched. So, here goes…

New iPhone – This one is pretty much a given at this stage. However, Steve could still throw a curve ball and release the ‘lesser’ model. There could also be cosmetic changes to the prototypes and parts that have been floating around, but I doubt it. Inside the new iPhone I fully expect to get a new 5-megapixel camera, front-facing video camera, better storage, better battery, and the new A4 processor.

Multi-Touch backing – There have been some rumours that the back of the new iPhone could be a Multi-Touch surface. The leaked prototype appeared to have a ceramic back rather than the traditional plastic and, since nobody has used a fully functioning prototype, we’re not really sure why there is a new material. I personally think it will be a limited Multi-Touch surface and that it will seriously rock.

iPhone will be available immediately – I find this notion far less likely than the ceramic backing being Multi-Touch. Apple usually has to have at least a month or so to prepare all the different outlets and activation rules and, what with its secrecy policy, it’s unlikely there will be batches of phones in stores ready for the end of the announcement.

iPhone loser on stage – The idea that Steve Jobs will have a sense of humour about the lost iPhone prototype and even invite the man who lost it on stage has been floated by a few people – and we’d love to see it – but we don’t think it will happen.

Steve Ballmer to speak – No chance whatsoever. No way. Not ever. In fact, I’d have to think seriously about my love for Apple if this ever happened.

Apple TV update – The rumours about Apple TV sent a shiver down my spine. If Apple do what has been suggested that is. The rumour is that Apple will remake Apple TV, it will be an iPhone – without the screen and it will simply allow users to strea there own content to a TV, content form iTunes directly to their TV and may even allow users to play games form the App store. Not only that but the price point would be $99. If it happens it will be incredible – but it wont be on Monday. It would overshadow the iPhone. Best we can hope for is a September announcement along with new iPods. – This really belongs up there with the Apple TV rumour as they’ll go hand in hand. Having bought Lala and having been impressed with the uptake of Spotify its surely only a matter of time before Apple release a streaming service. Its a likely rumour – just not for this event.

MacBook Air update – Its been a while since we’ve had an update for the Air, and, while its pretty likely it’ll get mentioned – I don’t think it will be anything major. New chip, bigger hard drive.

Mac Pro update – Same as above

Don’t forget you can tune in to a live broadcast from myself and head of Design, Ross Andrews, as the announcement happens. Tune in by coming to the iCreate blog at 5:45pm UK time, 12:45pm if you’re in or near New York or 9:45am if you’re near San Francisco  –  and we’ll provide you with a link.

See you then!