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Look your best when live streaming with the new DJI Osmo stabilized selfie stick

Drone maker announces new Osmo Mobile Silver and Zenmuse M1 for better smartphone video at CES 2017

Looking like an industrial-grade selfie stick, DJI used their knowledge of stabilisation gimbals for smooth drone videos to make smartphone videos infinitely better with the Osmo back in 2015. The new DJI Osmo Mobile Silver is a minor upgrade, but comes with a new ‘Beautify’ mode, which allows you to touch-up video as you record them.

In terms of hardware, the Osmo Mobile Silver is very similar to the existing DJI Osmo, except it has ditched the 4K camera gimbal in favour of using the snapper built into your phone. It also painted silver and white rather than jet black to better match the colour scheme of your iPhone – or any other smartphones with a 2.3 inches to 3.3 inches (58.6 mm – 84.8 mm) width.


What makes the Osmo Mobile Silver special though is its new software features. The DJI Go, which you run on your iPhone or Android while the phone is attached to the camera gimbal, already tracks your subject’s face automatically, create motion timelapses, take dramatic long exposures, make 9-shot panoramas, and livestream their story to social media. share. A new Beautify mode uses automatic identification and intelligent processing, allowing users to do adjust the lighting and even contour the subject’s face. Having tested this ourselves at CES 2017 Unveiled, we can say these features look very natural and not like a dodgy Photoshop hatchet job. For more advanced studio editing, the Omso Mobile Silver will also work with FiLMiC Pro.

If this sounds like a software update rather than a product launch, you’re about right. But the Beautify mode is only available on the Osmo Mobile Silver, not the older model. Available for £319/$299, DJI are also selling the Osmo Mobile Silver for the exact same price as the existing Osmo, so you won’t be expected to pay a premium for face-slimming tech. Sadly, DJI also confirmed they have no plans to cut the price of the older model at this time.

However, if you already own an Osmo and for whatever reason would rather use it with your smartphone camera, DJI have also announced the Zenmuse M1.  This £179/$169 add-ion gimbal combines the best of both worlds, allowing users to mount their smartphones on the non-smartphone Osmo handheld.