London Stock Exchange traffic now managed by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Today, the world's fourth largest stock exchange opened with the support of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. According to Novell, the newly installed open source system will help the Exchange to effectively manage the high volume of traffic passing through its systems in record-breaking time...

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server’s integration into the London Stock Exchange will, Novell tell us, help to increase the Millennium Exchange system’s capacity to cope with high-volume trading while also helping keep it secure and make it greener.

“The LSE is the most prestigious and most recognised exchange in the world so we are proud to be the technology partner of choice for this important deployment,” said Sean McCarry, UK Country Manager at Novell. “As organizations look to enhance their efficiency they are increasingly looking to technologies such as virtualization, high-performance computing and collaboration platforms to achieve their goal. Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell, the LSE will benefit from all of these innovations in an integrated and future-proofed platform.”