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Android Lollipop runs on less than 0.1 per cent of devices

Android 5.0 is running on fewer smartphones and tablets than five-year-old Froyo – but KitKat is closing on Jellybean

Lollipop, Froyo, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Android, OS, 5.0, 2.2, operating system

The Lollipop OS was launched over six weeks ago but has been taken up by under 0.1 per cent of the Android community, according to the latest statistics, but KitKat is rapidly closing in on Jelly Bean.

Android 5.0 has been beset by bugs since it was first made available and this has hampered manufacturers’ ability to roll it out to their users. Many users are eligible for the upgrade to Lollipop but have not yet been offered it, which is a big reason for the damaging stat.

What makes this news even worse is that Froyo, which was the codename for Android OS 2.2 and was replaced four years ago, is still being run by 0.4 per cent of Android users, although it’s unlikely that many apps will work on phones running that OS.

Better news for Android, however, comes in the form of KitKat’s healthy 39.1 per cent share of the market. This is only 6.9 per cent behind the three iterations of Jelly Bean and is the biggest individual version running at the moment by a long way.

Is your phone eligible for Lollipop? If so and you’ve got it, what do you think? If so and you’ve not got it, why not? Finally, who out there has a phone that still runs Froyo? We’d love to hear from you.

Find out more about Android’s Lollipop problems in the latest issue of Android magazine, available now.