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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio Review: A keyboard for iPad Air

An unconvincing attempt at transforming your iPad into a wannabe laptop


Key features • Thin, light case • Integrated Bluetooth keyboard • Time-saving iOS shortcut keys

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Price: £89.99/$99.99

As beautiful and graceful as the iPad is, it is still a tablet and by its very nature only comes equipped with onboard keyboards. The iPad keyboard serves its intended purpose but for prolonged use, users need more. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio transforms the iPad into a temporary laptop. The unit itself comprises the keyboard and a red- lined lid with two plastic clips to hold the top corners of the iPad in place. The lid has a fold down the middle to give flexibility to place the iPad into position.

This immediately brings into focus one of the core features of the Ultrathin. There is only one position to place the iPad and this effectively means only one viewing angle. This is an issue, but the placement is compounded by how the iPad is held in place. The iPad is held in place by a magnetic strip, but it doesn’t do it with enough conviction. Yes, it will hold the iPad in place, but its hold is just not strong or sturdy enough for our liking. If you don’t move the unit then it’s not a problem, but when you move it the iPad often slips frightfully out of position.

The unit itself is well built but it is a collection of contradictions. The two clips holding the iPad in place achieve their core purpose well, but you get the feeling that they are not in it for the long run. They give the impression that regularly switching an iPad in and out will soon see some cracks appearing. The outside of the case is tough and durable and will undoubtedly keep an iPad well protected. A small point, but both ends of the iPad are exposed when the unit is closed. We would like to see more protection here. The lid uses magnets to keep it closed, but like other elements of the Ultrathin, it’s not totally convincing.

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The key component of the unit is the keyboard and this works well. Getting connected to an iPad is an absolute doddle. Switch on the keyboard, wait for the devices to pair (via Bluetooth) and it’s straight into the action. The keyboard has all the essential keys and the feedback is good. There is also a useful special key to switch between tasks and go back to the home screen. A USB cable is supplied to ensure that a fully charged keyboard will give weeks, if not months, of continued use. A real mixed bag, but plenty to like.

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Pros Easy to set up and connect with responsive keys

Cons The design struggles to hold the iPad with any conviction