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Lock your apps using volume keys

Stop people gaining access to your apps with a volume key combination

Some of the apps on your device can store information that you’d prefer not to share with people. Whether it’s photos, sensitive data or important files, stopping people from accessing them used to be a difficult process, but there’s now a simple solution to keep things safe. The Oops! AppLock app may have a strange name, but it’s in fact a surprisingly detailed locking system, which can be tinkered with to keep your apps secure.

One of its best features is being able to use your device’s volume keys to map out a combination that people will need to input to access the app. Once done, the Oops! AppLock app then disappears from your app list, but we’ll show you where to find it. Also in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get started with this feature and go through the process of creating a unique volume key combination from scratch.

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  1. step1

    Follow the tutorial

    When you first open up the app, you’ll be greeted by a fairly detailed tutorial to go through. It’s important to go through all the steps provided, as it’ll outline many of the app’s gestures you can use to create various locks and combinations. Press on the continue button once finished.

  2. step2

    Enable AppLocker

    The main screen of the app will have a variety of options to choose from. To start with, toggle the Enable AppLocker option at the top of the app, as well enabling the Show Notification option, which will stop the app being closed by a third-party task killer app.

  3. step3

    Input combination

    Select the Change Key Pattern from the main screen and select the size of the combination you want to create. Once selected, use the volume keys to map out the combination. You can choose to make it complicated, or as simple as you like depending on the apps you want to protect.

  4. step4

    Match your input

    You’ll now be prompted to re-enter the password you just created. As you enter it, a number will appear in the centre of the screen to notify if you’re entering it correctly. Once you see the word matched appear in the menu, you can press the Change button the new password.

  5. step5

    Find OopsLock!

    To confirm the changes you’ll now need to back out of the app. Eagle-eyed users will soon realise that the Oops AppLock is no longer in their app drawer, and instead you need to open the K Note app. When this app has opened, enter your volume combination to open Oops AppLock.

  6. step6

    Select apps to lock

    Users will now be greeted with an unlocked and locked list of apps that need to be accessed via your volume key combination. Head to the unlocked list and swipe left on the apps you want to lock. There are no limits to the apps you can choose to lock on your device.