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Load links in the background with Flynx

Flynx opens links in the background, letting you do other things while they load.

Flynx is a clever little app that buys you that most precious of things – a little more time. Rather than opening links in your browser and waiting for them to load, Flynx loads them up in the background. A little circle pops up showing you the progress of the site loading, letting you keep browsing whatever app you’re using while the link loads. Right now you can open up to four links at the same time.

This tutorial will walk you through the way the app works, showing you how to open multiple links, how to swap the reading style of the links you open and how to close the links once you’ve finished with them. It’s pretty straightforward stuff, and in a few minutes you’ll be spending less time waiting and more time reading than ever before. Grab the app from the Google Play store and you’re all ready to go.


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  1. Flynx 1

    Install the app

    Once the application is installed you’re pretty much set up to go. Next time you tap on a link you’ll be asked what you want to open it with. Because the app is installed on your device, tap on Flynx and the link will load in a circle on the left side of the screen.

  2. Flynx 2

    Load the link

    When the link is loaded you’ll see it in the circle. All you need to do to open the link is to tap the circle. This brings the link up inside the Flynx app. You’ll notice there are a couple of options in the top-right of the page that you’ll want to explore to get the service you’re after.

  3. Flynx 3

    Reader and reverse

    Tapping the eye icon for example takes you to Reader mode. This gets rid of the images and just gives you the text in a distraction-free environment. Now you can tap the half-coloured circle to invert the colours, or hit the T icon to change the size of the text.

  4. Flynx 4

    Open multiple links

    You can open up to four links at the same time using exactly the same process. There’s still only one circle visible onscreen though, but you can see when the pages are loaded thanks to a blue downloading line that fills in around the circle.

  5. Flynx 5

    Swap between pages

    When you tap the circle you’ll open all the pages. They appear at the top of the screen in a series of circles. You can swap between them by simply tapping on these icons. When you’re done, just tap back to go directly back to the app you came from.

  6. Flynx 6

    Close the links

    When you’re done with the four links you have opened, all you have to do to get rid of them is push on the circle, then drag it down to the cross icon that appears lower down the screen. It’s as simple as that. Now you’re free to open another four as you please.