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LibreOffice 3.6 is out now, adds tons of new features

LibreOffice 3.6 is now available, not long after the milestone release of LibreOffice 3.5. New features include word count on status bar, and watermark on PDF Export

The Document Foundation has been hard at work on the newest version of LibreOffice, 3.6, and the fruits of their labour are now available. LibreOffice 3.6 is out, and includes new features, bug fixes, and improved performance.

The featured updates for 3.6 are seemingly small, however they all aid general workflow. Writer now includes the ability to have the word count on the status bar at the bottom, a feature that is present in the latest versions of Microsoft Word, and PDFs can now be exported with watermarks if you so wish.

Word Count on the status bar includes selected words. Screenshot from

Calc now has support for colour scales and data bars, even those imported from .xlsx and .ods files. You can now paste text, value, or formulas to specific cells using the context menu, and CSV import is markedly improved.

Florian Effenberger, chairman of The Document Foundation, explained on the announcement blog how LibreOffice could get such big updates every six months: “According to Ohloh, LibreOffice is the third largest developer community focusing on free software applications,after Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and the largest to be independent from a single corporate sponsor. This result has been achieved in less than two years, and is now a benchmark for free software projects.”

The rest of the changes can be found on the LibreOffice website, where you can also download the files for the new version. Check it out!