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Libratone Loop review: wireless wall mount speaker with stunning sound

This wireless, stylish and versatile speaker oozes class and power

Libratone Loop_featured


  • OS X
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • AirPlay

Cost: £399/$499

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In detail: Libratone Loop

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What makes a great speaker system? Style, power, build, output, features? It’s a combination of all and the Loop has all in abundance. The packaging gives a hint of what is to come, but it’s not until the physical product is in your hands that you begin to appreciate the quality of the speaker. The Loop is not lightweight but it is a solid, well-built unit that oozes form and function. Its curved back and wool cover make it a speaker that’s in a class of its own. The beauty of the wool cover, as well as looking good, is that it is available in a host of colours to suit its environment. Try Salty Grey for the more reserved or stand out with Raspberry Red, Pineapple Yellow or Passion Pink. There is a colour for everyone – just pick yours. However, if you want an additional colour you will need to pay an extra £50 for the privilege.

Getting the Loop ready for action leaves you with two options: the Duo stand or the wall mount. The stand is incredibly easy to insert but is not as sturdy as we had hoped; it’s sufficient more than rock solid. The wall mount slots into the carry grip ready to be hung on the wall. All the necessary fittings are included, so all that’s needed is a drill and some DIY skills.

Setting up the Libratone is relatively simple, especially if you follow the instructions. All that’s needed is the Libratone app; download from the App Store and set up as instructed. Be warned: the instructions didn’t quite match the app, though this didn’t prove to be much of a barrier. But make sure you take note of the status indicator lights.

Once connected, the next step is to start enjoying the music. The speaker uses a couple of tweeters, left and right, a five-inch subwoofer and a central speaker. The shape of the speaker helps radiate the sound outwards and there is no doubt that the sound output is impressive. The tone is smooth while delivering the right balance of treble, and the bass is again very impressive. Pump up the volume and there is plenty of sound to fill a room. However, as we started to reach the top end, the Loop started to vibrate – not excessively, but obviously. We are not so sure that it would stay on a wall when reaching out for full volume.

Buy now?

Pros A flexible, multi-talented wireless speaker with great sound

Cons The price may be a little excessive for some

Orange 4 Stars