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Libratone Diva review

We get cosy with the Libratone Diva

Libratone’s reputation as a premium maker of wireless speakers has long been cemented, and now there’s a new addition to the mighty lineup. The Libratone Diva is a great-looking, multifunctioning soundbar and speaker combination that boasts plenty of connectivity, including AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA.

The first thing to note is how temperamental the set-up process is. The Quick Start guide is overly simple and requires plenty of trial and error to get up and running. Frustrating when you’re desperate to hear how the Diva sounds.

As with all Libratone products, the Diva comes with a snug, wool case that is changeable. There’s a neutral Pepper Black case as standard, but others are available to buy. The Libratone Diva is as much a fashion statement as it is a speaker, and you’ll find wool covering all spectrums of the rainbow to complement any décor. It’s a real talking point too – how many other soundbars come encased in a soft, woollen cover? Nope, we can’t think of one either. It’s a good job the woollen cover is there because underneath is a whole lot of plastic.

Obviously this isn’t noticeable from the front and it does make the Diva surprisingly light. Plastic is never going to scream premium, though. Anyone wanting to fix the Diva to the wall will be pleased to find all the brackets and fixings in the box. Anyone with a TV that isn’t wall mounted can use the included metal leg stand that slots pleasingly into place and balances the Diva without being visible.

We had no problems with the sound. What stood out the most was how rounded it was. The balance was exquisite – no harsh thrills in the highs, but plenty of bass when required. Used as an AirPlay speaker, this translates to a smooth listening experience, but if you’re using the Diva predominately as a soundbar for movie viewing, the sounds does lack a bit of a wow factor.DSC_0915 as Smart Object-1