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LG releases world’s first 34-inch 21:9 curved display [sponsored post]

LG34UC97 brings stunning QHD resolution and an ultra-wide viewing angle without compromising colour quality



We spend a lot of time with our computers and so we invest in the best hardware, especially when it comes to the monitors we face every day. If you’re looking to upgrade at some point then you’ll want to check out LG’s new Curved UltraWide monitor – this video gives you a good idea of the scale of the thing and how sharp its display is.

The 34UC97 is a 34-inch, 21:9 ratio monitor packed with stunning QHD resolution (3440 x 1440). This means a whole lot more screen room than two 16:9 Full HD resolution monitors put together – 2.4 times more pixel power than a 16:9 incher with Full HD resolution, to give you an idea. It’s said that getting a 21:9 display can be a double-edged sword – wide is good but you may end up with colour shift occurring in the corners. So LG engineered 34UC97 to precisely address these concerns – the IPS panel in 34UC97, for one, not only allows a wide viewing angle but also prevents such colour inconsistency in the corners. Combined with the ideal curve, 34UC97 gives you a clearer field of view and more visual comfort than any other curved monitor.


With the 34UC97’s screen, you will perceive the same colours you would with a real subject, as it provides a colour space of sRGB over 99% and IPS display. With such expansive colour space and no room for distortion, you get the picture-perfect sense of what your camera’s colour sensor captures or your printer will be pushing out. IPS deserves more recognition in the 21:9 curved display game, as it is the only solution for fixing colour shift in the corners, which VA fails to overcome.

To help deal with messy cable bundles, the 34UC97’s multi-port lets you centralise all the connection for the interfacing devices you have, whether that’s a camera, scanner or speakers on the table. You can hook them all up at the back of the monitor, which is furnished with two HDMI ports, two USB 3.0 ports and a Displayport (plus a couple Thunderbolts, if you find yourself having to use a Mac).

It’s well worth checking out – find out more on LG’s website.