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LG confirm F 1.8 wide aperture camera, hints at leather coating in new LG G4 teaser video

The LG G4 teaser video unpacked - what to expect from the follow-up to the LG G3

In its first teaser video for the LG G4, a rotating lens brings a noctural cityscape into focus, before revealing the South Korean company’s sucessor to the popular LG G3 will have an f/1.8 lens camera.

The lower the F value, the wider the aperture and lighter the image, so the LG G4 might boast a superior camera to either the Nexus 6 or Sony Xperia Z3, both of which offer a f/2.0 camera. There is no further confirmed information on the camera yet, however Android Central believe leaked benchmark scores might suggest a 16MP camera, coupled with a 2K display and a six-core Snapdragon 808 CPU.

However, the teaser video also confirmed the company’s slogan for the LG G4: ‘See The Great and Feel the Great.’ While ‘See The Great’ clearly refers to the improved camera, could ‘Feel’ refer to the metal unibody that was so desperately missing from the near-perfect LG G3?

This has been rumoured for some time, but after revealing the name LG G4 in this teaser video, the logo is embosseed in leather. Coupled with the fact press invites to the LG G4 launch event on 28 April also had a leather design, its possible  the G4 is going to more like the Moto X more than the HTC One M9. While HTC and Samsung have opted for metal chassises, Motorola caused a stir when their handset was launched with changeable backs including wood and leather.

Alternatively, could ‘Feel the Great’ refer to a slightly curved chassis, similar to the LG G Flex 2, as seen in’s rumoured  images of the G4?

Let us know your thoughts on the LG G4 in the comments below!

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