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Lenco iPT-6 Standup Speaker Review

This tall Lenco iPT-6 speaker offers glorious 3D sound from your iOS devices

Price: £199.99/$N/A

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Key features • 3D sound (Sonic Emotion) • Docking and charging station • Bass and treble adjustable

The iPT-6 tower speaker is a modern looking device with a minimalist design that will appeal to fashion-conscious audiophiles. A black gloss finish and digitised display give this device an air of sophistication. Its face fits both modern living and work environments.

However, if its façade has one foot firmly in the present, the iPT-6 sound technology is something that looks to the future. The iPT-6 tower speaker is a device in keeping with innovation, a factor associated with manufacturer Lenco who set itself apart from many similarly priced competitors with its complete 3D sound experience.

This may not mean much to some consumers, but this technology is a spatial audio technology of sorts, which means sounds will surround a listener, providing audio from a 360 degree radius. Basically, the iPT-6 offers imperious audio. We were seriously impressed that our own perception experienced absolutely no blind spots. This 3D sound is reinforced by the Lenco iPT-6’s boxy design, which houses six main speakers: two each side, and a subwoofer to manage low frequency sound. The latter powers out at 20 Watts, the former at 10 Watts each.

This makes the iPT-6 highly capable at powerfully strident sound production that travels clearly. But what excites us further
is the discovery that these wattages are true RMS values. This term certifies that this wattage can handle continuously for hours on end, further adding audible consistency to its glowing repertoire.

This speaker’s operating system is straightforward. Activating 3D sound is a simple click. Plug and play your iOS devices with the iPod button. The Lenco iPT-6 integrates with living environments through several additional functions. It’s easily hooked up to external stereo and TV systems, using the Aux-In and Video jacks. The latter seriously improves your movie and video game experiences.

This speaker system also offers native music options through the ability to tune and save up to 20 preset radio channels. Doing so is, again, a rather simple process.

All options are completely augmented by the 3D sound experience. Said to be a high-cost technology, Lenco has managed to add it for little extra cost than that associated with competitor products. This makes the Lenco iPT-6 both a technological and economical triumph, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Pros Price meets functionality, to a point where we’re almost spoilt by the power of the 3D sound

Cons May be a little too large and expensive for some