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Lenco DR-05 BT review

Sometimes big isn’t always best, despite Lenco’s best efforts

We reviewed the massive Lenco 3D speaker recently, and while we wereimpressedbythesurround sound effect, the sheer size of the device was a put off. The same could be said of this retro radio from Lenco: just where does it fit in your home? It isn’t a speaker that would sit next to your TV and home entertainment system; it’s more likely to be used in the kitchen or the bedroom. And it isn’t a svelte design, but rather chunky and cumbersome – it’s going to be a hefty windowsill or bedside table that houses this speaker.

There’s nothing wrong with the matte white finish (there’s also a black unit available) that covers the wooden body, and the retro-style knobs and clicks pleasingly take you back to a bygone era. There’s even an FM antennae to boost reception around the back. Heaven knows when the last time we reviewed a device with an aerial! You’ll need that aerial to get the most out of the onboard DAB+ functionality though, because signal wasn’t great. We were a bit blasé about the Bluetooth connectivity in truth (AirPlay would have been preferable, but connecting up an iPhone was an effortless experience) and spent most of our time reviewing this speaker listening to digital radio stations in crystal-clear quality.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 16.03.02

Sound was impressive in any format, true to everything we’ve heard from Lenco previously. The default sound setting was impressively balanced, if a little bit too much in favour of the bass. You can customise the sound by tweaking bass and treble via the tidy little remote control or flick the switch on the device and twiddle the volume knob. Turning the treble up slightly work out well for us, producing a clearer high-end. One thing to note is just how loud this speaker can reach, far louder than it needs to go. It’s becoming a real trademark of Lenco.

This Lenco radio and Bluetooth speaker is certainly a lot of fun, boasting great sound in an en vogue retro style. If it was slimmer, we’d be front of the queue, even if the retail price is pretty extortionate. We’d found it much cheaper online, though. There is no doubt that Lenco makes very good products, highlighted with great sound and connectivity options galore. We just feel, design wise, the Swiss company has a muddled approach and could do with a rethink. All the ingredients are there though, so we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Lenco. 3/5