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LEGO Batman 2 Review for Mac

LEGO Batman is back on your Mac, and it's never been so fun

Minimum System Requirements • OS X 10.6.8 
• 1.4GHz processor • 2GB RAM with 128MB VRAM

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Available from… • Mac App Store

Price: £20.99/$29.99

After successful forays into Star Wars, Harry Potter, and a previous Batman storyline, LEGO are back with a brand new adventure. We’ve returned to Gotham City, but this time you can also play as Superman, Wonder Woman and more. It’s a brilliant cast, mostly because of the incredibly varied abilities of each individual character.

And, thanks to the voice acting (the first time it’s been included in a LEGO game), the characters feel even more unique. The actors that lend their vocal talents do a sterling job, and along with a genuinely funny script, the cutscenes are the best of any LEGO game to date.

It’s graphically impressive, too; we pushed all the settings up to the highest on a mid-2011 iMac and were incredibly impressed by the amount happening on-screen without any slowdown. The backdrops are genuinely beautiful, and littered with destroyable LEGO items that spew out collectable tokens as you punch them. Water effects were especially impressive, and the work that the game designers have done on the backdrops to Gotham’s most famous landmarks really shines through here.

For those who have played previous LEGO games the gameplay maybe familiar, but it’s still great fun. Each level consists of numerous puzzles that you’ll need to solve with the character you are provided with; usually, that will be Batman and Robin.

The two heroes have a number of suits, each with a different function, and switching between these suits is vital to progressing. This is complemented nicely by secrets, including citizens that need saving and hidden canisters.

At the end of each level there is usually a boss fight, which varies the gameplay nicely. As ever with LEGO games, there is no real ‘threat’, as dying simply causes your character to fall apart, then reappear after a few seconds in a shower of lost tokens. Still, it keeps the pace up and lets you focus on pulling off your fighting moves.

The controls that let you do this are good enough, with the W, A, S and D keys controlling movement and H, J, K and U giving you access to various actions, although the addition of a gamepad would certainly be a welcome bonus.

With a huge game world and plenty of replayability, this is by far the biggest and most competent LEGO game produced yet. Voice acting and more characters help to push this well beyond ‘good’, and far into the realm of brilliance. If you enjoyed the first game, this is a top-draw follow up.

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Pros: The cast, the acting, the gameplay, the puzzles… it’s all just brilliant fun!

Cons: The only problem we had was getting lost in Gotham City