Learn to reprogram your BigTrak in RasPi issue 5

We also cover more essential upgrades for the Raspberry Pi in the latest issue of our digital only magazine

The BigTrak is one of the most iconic toys of the 80s, with a recognisable design and very cool keypad controller. In issue 5 of RasPi magazine you can learn how to bring yours screaming into the 21st Century by upgrading its insides with a Raspberry Pi and control via a wireless PS3 controller. Now you don’t have to follow it around to make course corrections!

We also complete our list of 10 essential upgrades for the Raspberry Pi, now including miniature touch screens, motor controllers and pressure sensors to help predict the weather. There’s also a selection of tutorials and interviews for you to read as well.

You can grab the latest issue from Google Play and the iTunes Newsstand for the low price of 99c or 69p.