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Learn iPad Week: Make plans with Wunderlist HD

Keep organised with this beautiful task-managing app in the second part of Learn iPad Week

While the iPad and iPhone are great for all kinds of tasks, one of the most unexpected uses we’ve found for our iOS devices is organising our lives with ‘To-Do List’ apps.
The combination of the flexible display with Push notifications and alarms means you’re unlikely to forget an event, or get home and realise you’ve forgotten some items while at the shops.

What’s more, with the inception of Cloud computing, it’s now possible to share the tasks and events that you’ve created. This means that if you are organising a party or festival with friends, or if you have work tasks that you and a team need to complete, you can now use an app like Wunderlist to add notes and get everyone in sync.

Adding a new List will allow you to add a general topic then add tasks to that list. You can add a note to each task, as well as giving them a deadline, setting up a reminder to ensure you don’t forget, or prioritising them to push them to the very top of your list.

Wunderlist is also available as a free Mac app, available from the Mac App Store, so you can see all your tasks no matter what machine you’re using.

1: Register or log in

You can create an account with Wunderlist for free, and doing so will help later if you want to share your lists with others. If they sign up too, you can keep everything in sync.

2: Settings

From this menu you can change the background to one of nine colourful designs. You can also add tasks remotely by email, change your account settings, or follow the developers on the social networks.

3: Add a list

From the Show Lists menu you can add new lists, or sort the tasks in your current lists. By choosing from the buttons along the bottom of the menu you can view all tasks, by priority, by date and more.

4: Add a new task

You can add a task simply by tapping the bar at the top, or by touching the Plus button in the top right of the screen. This option will allow you to add more settings immediately, like a due date or note.

5: Active tasks

When you’ve added tasks you can start ticking them off. The prioritised events will have a bookmark logo next to them, and when you tick them off, they’ll become faded and drop to the bottom of the list.

6: Share your lists

When you’ve created a list you can share it with friends. If they don’t have the app they’ll see the tasks in a basic way, but downloading the app for free will let them add their own tasks and edit tasks.

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This tutorial is the second in our Learn iPad Week series; for more articles just like this, visit the Learn iPad Week tag. At the end of the week, we’ll be giving away a prize to one lucky person who gets in touch with a question or problem related to the iPad. To get involved, simply tweet your question, plus the hashtag #LearniPadWeek, to @iCreateMagazine or post on our Facebook wall.