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Learn iPad Week: Build brilliant slideshows with Fotoboard

In the latest instalment of Learn iPad Week we find out how Fotoboard brings the best features of iPhoto to the iPad in one powerful photo management app.

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Sidebar
iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Main
When it comes to sharing your photos with friends and family, the iPad has to be the easiest way to take hundreds of shots with you on the move and show them off on its stunning display.
The only negative side so far is the lack of control you have over how you show off your favourite snaps – the Photos app and slideshow functions are great, but at the same time they are limited. Enter Fotoboard, a powerful photo management tool for iOS that brings some of the best bits of iPhoto straight onto the iPad. As well as allowing you to sync and transfer photos between iOS devices and your Mac over Wi-Fi, this useful little app will allow you to create custom albums of your favourite photos and display them as a full-screen slideshow. It’s incredibly simple to use, and once you’ve created an album you can be showing off your favourite photos in just a few taps. The trick to getting the most out of this app is in an album’s settings, so we’ll take you through them and show you how to create stunning slideshows on the fly. Once you’ve mastered creating slideshows you’ll be able to make the most of some of Fotoboard’s other great features such as Wi-Fi photo sync and the calendar function.

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Step-By-Step

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Step 1

Step 1: Add an album

On Fotoboard’s main screen, tap the album’s icon then tap the plus icon to add a new album. You can give your album a name here to help you find it quickly later on.

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard Step 2

Step 2: Pick your pics

Tap the ‘No photo selected’ button to view your iPad’s photos. Tap each one to mark them to be included in the album you’re creating. Be careful not to accidentally select a photo while scrolling.

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Step 3

Step 3: Album options

Once you’ve selected photos they’ll be presented as prints on a wooden background. Towards the bottom, there’s an option for sharing via social media as well as the play button for starting a slideshow.

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Step 4

Step 4: Cool captions

Tapping on an individual photo will enlarge it and display it alongside additional details. From here you can add in a caption for the photo, which will be displayed with it during the slideshow.

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Step 5

Step 5: Setting up

Back in the full album view, tap the ‘i’ icon in the top-left corner to access that album’s settings. Under slideshow style, select full-screen mode, as this is the most impressive of the two different styles on offer.

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Step 6

Step 6: And… action!

Once you’re happy with your photos and settings, tap the play icon at the bottom of the full album view to start the slideshow; photos will play through with a crossfade animation between each one.

Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations.

iPad Tutorial - Fotoboard - Annotated