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Learn iCloud Week: Sync your iWork documents

Store all of your iWork documents in the cloud and access them anywhere in part 3 of Learn iCloud Week

One of the amazing things about Apple is that it knows how to create an ecosystem. If you involve yourself with it, it will keep you synced across all of your platforms and that is the primary goal of iCloud. Because of the ecosystem that exists, and the dual formats of iWork over the Mac and iOS platforms, iCloud neatly ties the two together so you can easily back up and share documents between the two. The process is actually automatic but you will need the latest version of each piece of software in order to make the system work. A Software Update on your Mac will sort this, as will making sure you are up to date on your iOS device. With all of your updates completed, you will find updating and amending iWork documents across platforms a breeze, so you can always be up to date and working on the latest version. Let us show you how to get started with iWork on iCloud.

1: Welcome to Pages

When you download Pages for the first time this screen will greet you. In order to use iCloud you will need to have the system set up on your iPad.

2: Pick the cloud

As long as everything is set up correctly you should see this screen. Go ahead and tap the Use iCloud button in the bottom-right of the screen to get to the next step.

3: All the docs

You can now go ahead and create new documents knowing that at regular intervals (provided you are on Wi-Fi) your changes will be saved to the cloud so they can be viewed and edited from the web.


Head to and sign in with your iCloud ID; you will then see the above screen. Click on iWork to the right to see your saved documents.

2: Tabs and more

This next screen will show your saved documents. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate between Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents.

3: Select it

Click on a document and immediately you will see that you are able to download it to your Mac. Click on the Download button to begin the process.

4: Pick a format

The system gives you the option of multiple formats so if you aren’t on your home Mac, and can’t use iWork, you can still retrieve and view the document.

5: Wait for the cloud

With your choice made, you may need to wait while a conversion takes place. Depending on your connection and document size, this can take a few minutes.

6: Upload options

Other options are available so you can also upload documents to the cloud. Click on the Settings button and you will see the above pop-up menu appear.