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Learn iCloud Week: Sync and share your calendars with iCloud

Learn iCloud Week kicks off by giving you the ability to synchronise calendars across multiple devices


Thanks to iCloud, syncing your calendars across multiple devices has never been easier. If you enter your original appointment on your Mac, but decide to change a detail when you’re out and about, simply fire up the Calendar app on your iPhone or ask Siri and your original appointment will be there ready to change. Any changes you make to appointments and events will almost instantly be reflected on your other devices.

It’s always a good idea to start by syncing your Mac’s iCal calendars with iCloud as that’s where you’re most likely to be storing the majority of your events and appointments. However, iCloud will merge every calendar of the same name that you link it with, so you’ve no need to worry about events cancelling each other out.

Once you’re all synced up, you can even opt to share individual calendars with other iCloud users.

1: Show some ID

Head into System Preferences and find the iCloud preferences pane. If you haven’t used iCloud on your Mac before you’ll be asked to enter the Apple ID associated with it.

2: Choose to sync

Once you’ve entered your ID you’ll be presented with a list of items to sync with iCloud. Click the checkbox located next to Calendars to start syncing iCloud with iCal.

3: Merge or cancel

iCloud displays a confirmation message to ask whether you’d like to merge the iCal information on your Mac with anything already on iCloud. Click Merge to begin this process.

4: Check out iCal

Fire up iCal to see if the sync has worked. Click on the Calendars icon in the top-left corner. All of your calendars should now appear under the iCloud heading.

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